starts from same song every time you restart, microSD undetectable


I have a 2006 4GB sansa mp3 player, not sure what this one is called, but it has a couple annoyances I was wondering if it was possible to fix. 

Whenever I restart my player, it starts all over again and not on the song I left off at.  Is that fixable or just how this player is?  also, even if i have my player on shuffle, it will start on the same exact song every time i restart it.  it will shuffle the rest of the songs after that, but how do I get it to stop playing that same first song?

lastly, i have a 2GB microSD that is undetectable.  I don’t understand why it is undetectable now but I have been able to see it before!  How do I access it so I can add more songs onto it?


I had the same thing on my Express - when I shut it off it always went back to the first song.  What I noticed was that if I shut down while a song was playing (not too close to the end) when I turned it back on that is where it began.

I use the Express for audio books a lot and the only way for it to p/u where I was, was to shut down before a section ended.

It’s really annoying but it works.

When you open your device in your hard drive, you ought to see the SD card as a separate device there.

These Sansas are a problem.  It appears the software on it wasn’t thought out much at all before the final product was put on the product.  I have yet to use the MicroSD but I’m believing you; that there may be software issues of the microSD disk being seen by the connection.  Haven’t said this, a simple functionality like “stop song” doesn’t seem to be part of the language of the functionality of this mp3 player.  How deficient !  One suggestion from the board was to put one song on the a separate playlist … in this unit (8.0 G unit) I can only see one playlist that it has created on it’s own and that I would have to populate myself.  If I had a thousand song playlist, then I would have to delete them all and just put one song to play one song… and then come back to the list and repopulate 999 songs back?   Silly arse design.  Though I’ve had this unit for so long and I guess you pay for what you get.

As for your shuffle problem of playing always the first song… let me try mine and I will most likely affirm your experiences.

Now back to stoping after a song has played …  from what I’ve read on the board, it sounds to me that you will continue to use battery power as the songs will continue to play from the playlist.  The only way to stop it is to put the connection cable to hook up to the computer.  Then everthing stops…

how can people release these disfunctional devices?