Start/Stop files for audio tour?

Sorry to be thick.

I put 15 mp3s on my Jam for a blind friend to play as he walks through a museum. But the individual files do not stop, they just keep rolling into the next one. I want him to be able to press play when he’s ready for the next “stop” on the tour.

Is there a way I produce the mp3s that can make this happen? Or a way to program the Jam?  I’ve tried the files as

Songs, and as a Playlist. Same thing both ways.   Thanks for any help. 

How about creating a separate album in the ID3 tag for each audio file? The Clip Jam (and Sport) do not jump to a new album during linear play.

Thanks Professor, but. 

I’m learning a lot about ID3 tags but it’s not solving the problem. I’m working in ITunes and maybe it is this:

On the Options tab, I can see the start and end times for a file, and I checked the boxes to keep them as is, i.e. start at 0:00 and end when the file time ends. But it won’t SAVE the check marks. So without that info I guess the files keep playing.  Any experience with this? Or do i need a better ID Tagger program?  Thanks again for trying.

After I posted my suggestion, I started worrying that the Clip Jam may not be the best choice for a person with limited vision.

My idea about a separate album (named sequentially?) for each audio file will require the ability to navigate the text-based menus for each succcessive album & audio file. 

   I do not know way to set the Clip Jam to play just one file within an album or sub-folder with many successive audio files.

One simple idea is to save the individual audio files in separate subfolders. These subfolders can be named so they will display in the desired sequential order. Then use Folder mode on the Clip Jam to play the single audio file in the folder. The player will stop at the end of the last (only?) file in the subfolder.  The challenge will be to learn how to navigate to the next successive subfolder.

What about using a internet connected device with the Google Player app and loading your audio files into your (free) Google Play Library.  The user can ask “Hey Google” to play each file one at a time.