Standby mode?

I have read that the wireless flash drive “powers down” after ten minutes of inactivity. I would appreciate some clarification:

Does the drive have a standby mode from which it can be activated wirelessly? (so that one can use drive remotely without having to press button)

If so, is the four hour battery life defined as four hours of constant read/write access or as four hours of such a “standby” mode?

I have learned that the auto-power-off can be turned off (via app). Still the latter question remains: are the four hours of battery life in reference to constant read/write access or in reference to simply being turned on? (or is the battery life four hours regardless of read/write access)

For example, let’s say I use the drive as a USB device on a PC and save a file onto it. So that I can access the file later wirelessly without physically pressing the button on the drive, I turn on the drive right then. I leave the drive turned on but not connected to anything until five hours later, when I attempt to connect to the drive. Will the drive be out of battery power or still be functioning?

4 hours battery is turned on or streaming. The WiFi radios are not powered down and there is no standby mode