SSD X110 died at very first power on - smells burned

I bought an OEM Sandisk X110 64G model. 

It has a P/N SD6SB1M-064G-1022i. 

I bought it from a local retailer in a bulk package as noted next to the part number above.

I was planning on upgrading to Windows 7 and using the SSD as the primary drive.

I installed it in the desktop computer with a 2.5" to 3.5" frame supplied by and purchased from the dealer. 

It has a combined sata power/data connector to normal sata cable and molex connectors.

Case is by Antec I don’t know the model but it has a filter on the front which can be removed and room for

three 120mm fans which I’ve made use of.

I have a 650W power supply made by Seasonic SS-650KM which was purchased new in September 2013

I plugged the new drive to the only remaining sata port on the board and to the molex power connector

for the 2.5"to3.5" converter. 

I powered on and I immediatly smelled an odor like a match that was struck and burning.  No smoke only the odor.

I quickly flipped the PS power switch off.  I unplugged everything looking for the smell and it was/is coming from the

brand new SSD drive.  It smells like burned electronics.  Nothing else was damaged nor did anything get warm

including the SSD.   There are no shorts nor anything to account for it burning up.

So what happened?  Everything else works without a single error except I mixed up the order of the sata cables when plugging stuff back in and had to sort through them to make windows happy that it had the right boot drive on the port

it had before.  Otherwise, I’m using the computer to type this post now and nothing else it wrong.

What made this SSD die at it’s first power on?  Is it just a fluke?  Did I get a lemon?

How do I explain to the store where I got it if they decide it’s my fault?  

Just tell them it doesn’t work and let them figure it out?

It’s OEM so I can’t send it to sandisk right?

The mainboard is a Gigabyte G41M-ES2L

Core2Quad 6600 CPU

Corsair H80 liquid cooler

4 GB of Kingston RAM also new since September 2013

Nvidia GT630 video new Sept. 2013

 2TB & 500GB Western Digital.  Both are ‘green’ models.  DVD-RW DL drive

Normal mouse and keyboard through PS/2 ports

OS is Windows XP Pro SP3 for now - Soon to be Windows 7 Home Premium if I can get this SSD running right.

No overclocking at all.  All stock speeds.  The water cooler was on sale for $50 and I wanted better cooling on the

quad core since the computer was heating my room up like a mini-furnace and costing me on my cooling bills

last summer. WIth the three fans and the water cooler the computer is now ice cold.  Well barely more than room

temp anyway.

sounds like it was just a bad ssd. the dealer you got it from should be able to swap it out for you. If not call sandisk support and they should be able to help you out. 

I hope the dealer doesn’t give me an issues.   Bringing something in with an obvious burned smell is what scares me.

I don’t want them to say I hoooked it up wrong and send me packing.  They’re not a major retailer.  They’re a smaller store which specializes in OEM stuff and hard to find parts.  SO they will look and examine it when I bring it in.

I just bought it last Thursday and only hooked it up last night.

Is there any reason why it would die right at the first power on?  Anything in the power adaptor or something?  

They sold me the 2.5" to 3.5" frame with an with a combined power/ data molded in one connector to go onto the SSD. 

The power side goes to a normal molex for the PS not a sata power connector.   It has wires for both 5V and 12V. rather than

just 5V that the SSD needs.

Could this have any issues that would send the wrong power to the SSD?   

Hindsight being what it is, I wish I would have tried normal separate data and sata power connectors.  

The molex looks odd to me connected to a sata power on the other end.

I didn’t have a normal, separate sata cable though so I used what I was given.

It could be an input voltage issue but we can never verify that. I would suggest to return this to the store where you purchsed from. They should be able to verify this for you. 

Today I discovered the 2nd SanDisk SSD drive that caught on fire on a PC beloning to a credit union customer of ours! One was discovered on April 14, 2015 and the other today. Do we need to replace all the similar SSD drives for these customer? They did not buy the PCs from us. I have pics of the affected units.


Giorgio - PC911.Biz

Shouldn’t you/the customer be contacting SanDisk Customer Service directly under the product’s warranty?