SSD Uninitialized, Locked, Unchangeable

I’m having troubles installing my new SSD. I know this issue covers some of the problems already discussed in other topics, but I can’t seem to find the solution to my specific problem. Here’s the thing:

I bought a Sandisk Ultra II SSD 960GB and my intention was to swap it with my HD which is currently in my laptop. In order to do this I wanted to make a clone of my OS. For this, I put the SSD inside an external enclosure. The first problem was that my laptop didn’t recognize the SSD. (It did in Disk Management and SanDisk SSD Dashboard, but not as a disk in ‘My Computer’). Now, at this point I guess I did something stupid: I figured, let’s format the drive, ususally that fixes it in these kind of problems. This wasn’t possible because it wasn’t initialized yet (I wasn’t aware of this necessary step at the time), but I found that in the Dashboard application there is a tool “Sanitize”, which, I figured, would do something similar. The thing is, this external casing is quite old, and if you’re not careful and give it a bump, it will disconnect. So you can guess what happened. Ever since the process was interrupted, I’m not able to do anything with this SSD anymore: initializing is impossible (something to do with cyclic redundancy control), the Dashboard says the SSD is locked, and the backup software I tried can’t use the disk to make a clone. It is at the moment uninitialized and unallocated. I’m looking for a way to restore the disk in the condition it was again.

If anyone knows how to solve this problem, I would be very grateful.

I just read this and I’m thinking it might as well been the app that crashed instead of my external enclosure. The result is the same: the SSD shows up in Dashboard as ‘locked’ with ATA Secure.