SSD u 100 128GB problem , can not read the"power on hours count "correctly .

hi , guys

i really need your professional help , i just bougt a laptop , it is samsung notebook but with sandisk u100 128G ssd inside .
I tired the software HDtune and Sandisk ssd  toolkit  both , they all read the "power on hours count "  value as 125 , which means this laptop already run for 125 hours afer i used 1 week , right ?

but the thing is that i cant find this value changed anymore even i used for several hours afeter i checked in Hdtune . 

like last night , the value was 125 around 9Pm ,then i went to bed around 12PM , and recheck it agian but it was still 125 .  then i closed the cover and reopned it this morning , it is still 125 … … I set my laptop mode as "alwasy sleep ", so whenever i pressed the power button or just close the cover directly , it always keep in sleeping mode ,which means it  is always in power on mode.

this is my first time to use notebook with ssd , i checked my pc hard disk and the value changed correctly with time passed . so i really wonder how to get the correct the power on hour coun t from sandisk u 100 samrt attribute . cos I need this information to know if my laptop is a used or new .

wish you reply me …thanks a lot ~

you ahve an OEM SSD. I am not sure if it is supported by the retail tools. 

that said sleep is not a power on for the drive. If the computer is in sleep it cuts power to the drive so it would not be counted in the power on hours.