SSD Slowing down

When first booting the system the SSD Extreme pro is working fine. After about 1 hour use it starts to slow down.

My operating system is as follows:-

Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit operating system

AMD Phenom II X4 Processor

I have tried to use the SMART Test to see if that points to any probelms however it appears to run and i get a message "Diagnostic

test complete with a status code 2:

the message “Last run states None” as though the test was not run.

I have also generated a report but am unsure if this forum is the place to place it

If anyone can help me i woulw appreciate it.



a SSD can slow down if the TRIM function is not enabled, but in that case since you are using a Windows 7 system the feature should be on. In that case i suggest contacting the Sandisk support to get an explanation what the error code 2 is and to see if the drive is maybe defective and needs to be replaced.

here is the contact information: