SSD PLUS not showing in Dashboard again

My new SSD plus has been installed, as a successfully cloned C drive and seems to work fine. A complication is that my Bios is fixed as a RAID version of SATA  but this doesnt seem to affect the operation of the SSD.

However Dashboard, doesnt see the drive at all. It appears and works correctly in all disk management functions etc.

I am running Win 7 on an Acer M7711.

Its so buggy that while everything appears to work OK, Dashboard says the drive doesnt exist. I have read everything I can find but no solutions to my prob have appeared.

Any other thoughts out there?. 


in that case it seems to be related that the drive is connected as a raid device and not ide or achi that affect the dashboard to detect the drive. 

but you can also check the smart attributes with the crystal disk info software that also reports the same values

Success!   Problem solved.

Updating to the latest NVIDIA storage drivers from the Acer website, now allows the Dashboard to see my see my SSD. So the Raid setting seems not to be a problem. The driver set for my Win 7 32 bit OS is NVIDIA 15.45.

Next thing to follow up on is to find out if my Acer 7711 can support a higher SATA speed…

Happiness reigns!


super that is very good to know!