--- SSD Plus Failure ---

I have had my SSD Plus for close to a year now. 

Originally cloned the HDD to the SSD and installed it in the laptop.

Not to long ago, I try to boot Windows and get a black screen with a message "PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE-ROM’

This keeps repeating when hitting enter.

On attempt to isolate the problem, I reinstall the HDD in the laptop and everything works fine. Installing the SSD in another laptop yeilds the same problem. Therefore, the SSD is the problem.

I bring the laptop to a Microsoft Store (yes, a Microsoft Store) hoping that Windows is somehow corrupted and can be fixed.

The Microsoft store does the following

  1. Run several diagnotiscs - (ie SMART tests and other tests using their tools) and the SSD surprisingly passes  !!! HOWEVER, they are unable to access the data which was odd. Recovery yeilded very little usable information. The said the partitions are ’
    raw’ (where ever that means)

How could the SSD pass all the diagnotics and still be unreadable ??? (and unbootable as well)

Any other suggestions or explanations as to whats taking place and what can be done ?