SSD PLUS - 120GB slow write speed


i bought this san disk ssd 120gb G27 model through amazon two days ago.

read speed are good but write speeds are almost 50% low in most benchmark than advertised. 

my pc spec:

ryzen 5 1600

asus b350 prime plus motherboard

16gb ram


ssd using sata 6gb port using latest firmware and drivers

no hard disk.

i have registered product in sandisk site.

the write speed spec for the 120GB capacity is only 310 so it is not that far off. what sata chipset is in the MB you have and what SATA driver are you using?

am4 , sata6gb/s

HI, buddy.

As for slow SSD, you can try the following methods to check if it can be fixed.

1.disable Hibernation, enter the command prompt window by clicking the Start button and type cmd (please run as administrator), and type command powercfg.exe /hibernate off and press Enter.

2.Make SATA controller runs in AHCI mode

AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) Mode does a fabulous job of keeping the high performance of solid state drive. So when it is disabled, the SSD might run slow and take a very long time to respond. It is better to set your SSD mode from IDE to AHCI.

  1. Press WIN+Rand type msconfig and then press Enter.

  2. Under Boot tab, tick Safe boot, click OK to save the changes, and reboot your computer into safe mode by constantly pressing F2 or DEL (the key to press varies between systems). Change your SATA mode from IDE to AHCI. Then save settings to exit and reboot.

  3. Windows will boot in safe mode this time. Run msconfig again, and untick Safe boot option Boot tab under and restart your computer.

If the problem is still existing, maybe you need to align the partitions, or completely erase the SSD to restore its performance. Then i bet you can easily fix