SSD not recognized by my computer

Dear all,

I have a Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q830 running on Windows 7 Home Premium and I have purchased a Sandisk Ultra II SSD (480 Gb) to try and clone my HDD into. However, my laptop does not recognize the SSD when I connect it. When I connect the SSD to my computer via a USB cable, I hear the traditional Windows sound informing me something has been connected to my computer via USB. However, it does not show the SSD in the list of devices connected to the computer. I have tried everything to make it work and achieved no positive result.

Could you please let me know what I have to do in order to make sure my computer is able to read my SSD so I can start the data migration?



in that case where the drive is new you need to initialize and partition it within the disk managment

here are the steps for that

Having same issue with Mac not recognizing drive.

This drive is an Extreme Pro 480 and contains QT files and was readable before

computer froze. Drive was in an external dock

and after reboot became unreadable.

Drive was NOT reading or writing during crash.

Hey marcotradutor,

Did you checked your system BIOS, because most of the time SSDs will detected automatically and sometimes BIOS will show the SSD model number only.

If your SSD is not detected by the BIOS, than you may need to check that SATA port is enabled or not or may be your SSD is faulty. Also check those SATA cables and connections.

First check if it is showing on boot then 

go to disc management and assign it a drive letter and or initialise it–will then show in my computer

go to start and type in disc management–top of the list will be the one you want–create and format hard drive partitions. Hope

that solves it.

m sure I’m lucky I saw this forum


Thanks for the reply,

The system was actually working well for a few weeks prior to these issues. As for my motherboard, I have an MSI Eclipse Plus with an X58 chipset and the SATA chipset is the Intel ICH10R and JMicron 362; all the HDDs are on the Intel ICH10R.