Ssd in synology nas?

Years ago (6 or more years ago?) I got a couple SanDisk SSD’s and used them as Raid0 and posted here…. To reports of: “DON’T DO THAT”!

Well, no, it was in use by then… Used in Video Editing System as Fast Local Storage.

6 or more years later, a report!
FLAWLESS OPERATION! Couldn’t be happier!

NOW MY Question.

Has anyone used SanDisk SSD’s in a SYNOLOGY NAS in their SHR (Synology version of Raid1)

Presently using Seagate Ironwolf spinning drives. (I’m a big Seagate user for spinning drives for Sata & SCSI (Still using 15.2K 320 SCSI!)

But Considering that I’m presently using ~2TB for Storage, 2x 4TB SSD Should be enough.

Seeing that SanDisk SSD’s worked in RAID0 when told it wouldn’t, wondering about same for NAS use.

Thanks for your comments

Hi @janj,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

No, wanted to hear from other end users on that.

i’m glad to hear your positive experience with sandisk ssds in raido setuo for video editing. as for using sandisk ssds in a synology nas with shr (synology raid1), i haven’t personally used them in that config-n, but it’s worth considering given their good performance in ur previous setup. you might want to check with others who have used sandisk ssds in a similar nas setuo to gather more insights and make an informed decision