ssd for bootup, reformatting SSD, necessary files for Windows 7 normal bootup

I just want to use the Sandisk ssd plus  for Windows 7 bootup and MSOffice programs.
I made a mistake loading a new copy on Windows 7 onto  it.
WHat I wanted was just the portion of Windows 7 with all the current configurations and keep the data on the other HD.

So what I have done is clone the entire old HD (which was almost full) to a larger HD, so I have a full copy, which is bootable.
I have taken the old HD and removed/uninstalled all the data&programs except: all the Windows files, MS Ofc files, video card files, keyboard& mouse files, Internet browsers, contact lists, etc.

My plans were to take this stripped down old HD, after defragging and clone it over to the Sandisk SSD so it will boot fast.

My first concern is about cleaning out the SSD that has the barebones Windows 7. 
Can I just reformat it?

Anything other considerations I have missed?

You can re-format the drive and run clone on it, if you don’t have anything you want to keep of course.

From the situation you described seems do-able to me