SSD 240GB noisy

Hi ,

I have a SSD Extreme 240 GB that is noisy during the normal work.


Firmware installed is  R201.

I’m using it on my Macbook 2011with Lion.

I have tried it using an external drive Bay but the noise is more high.

What I can do?

I must consider it as a defective unit ?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



Im sorry, but what kind of noise?? Its not a mechanical drive. Has no moving parts.

There was one other report of a drive making a high pitched whining noise. If this is the same as yours it probably should be replaced. 

Thanks so much.

I’ll contact the shop and I will ask for replace the unit.




 Did they replace the unit? and has the noise gone away?

I am curious because this is the second post I read about noise from an ssd drive online but I guess out of millions of online posts just 2 or 3 people mistakenly hearing a fan and believing the noise was the actual ssd drive is not so bad.

did the shop confirm the noise was the actual ssd and not the external enclosure?

you can easily plug the ssd directly to power cable and hold it up to your ear to be sure, it can be extremely hard to judge when using external enclosures because many have small hidden mechanical cooling fans hidden in the enclosures that can in fact be making this noise and be mistaken for the actual ssd itself.

 If you open the case of the ssd drive (that’s not advised cause it will void the warranty) but if you did, you would see nothing but a small circuit board with memory chips soldered onto it, that’s it! No small cooling fan inside, nothing to spin or vibrate can even fit inside the small enclosure with the memory chips, so knowing that it’s easier to understand the noise has to be coming from some place else.

I hope this helps Andrea.