Spurious Titles On Clip+

I have reloaded my Clip Plus with  568 mp3 songs using drag and drop on a Mac running on OS X.   The display indicates 992 tracks used.  The first 444 or so tracks display titles but they do not play.  They are scrolled through automatically.  When these spurious file are selected in the shuffle mode the selection of a new tune can be delayed.   When they are entered in direct play the entire list must be scrolled through before a tune is registered.  The total size of the files on the Clip Plus is consistent with the size of the files stored on the Mac so the extra titles take little space on the Clip.


Does anyone have any information on how these apparently “Title” files are created and how they can be eliminated?



Don Rieg

Did your songs came from iTunes? If yes, this Knowledgebase Article might help you. More likely the songs that you transferred are on AAC format which is not supported by the Clip+. You need to convert them first to MP3.

Your Mac inserts ‘ghost files’. Read about them here. It’s such a known issue with Mac user’s, there’s even an app/program called KopyMac that will eliminate them.

The files were all loaded into the Mac as MP3s.  But, the first time they were loaded into the Clip+ they were as drag an drop from iTunes.  During later evolutions they were taken from MP3 files which I hope are separate from iTunes.  The basic problem is that these titles are not erased when the Clip is formatted.  I would like to remove them.

I’m not a Mac guy, but I think the problem may be with ghost files that the Mac creates when moving files.  There are various solutions, the best of which might be using Internet freeware Kopymac to transfer the files.

A thread (with referenced threads) on the topic, to help you.


I was able to delete the spurious titles on my PC by using Folder Options in the Control Panel to show all the hidden files.  Shift Click let me delete a lot of them at the same time.  After that, Format on the Clip+ erased all files.  I used KopyMac to reload the MP3 files on the Clip+.  That eliminated assorted Mac generated squeaks and shrieks in some of the MP3 file coding.  It was all over in a few minutes.  My Clip+ is as it should be.


Thanks for all the help,

Don Rieg