Spunky Beats power off after 5 mins when connected to the Sport Plus

I have a pair of Tronsmart Spunky Beats earphones (I know, the name is ridiculous :smileyvery-happy:) which work perfectly with my phones, laptop but they power off after being connected to the Sport Plus for 5 mins. They have a power save mode which turns them off after 5mins if not connected to a source (a feature that you annoyingly can’t turn off) but they turn off mid-music. Connection is stable, pairing is fine, no cut-outs, but for some reason, the Sport Plus is doing (or not doing) something that no other player is and causing the earphones to power off.

Have tried Restoring, Formatting, upgrading FW (2.20B01), turning off Sleep and Power Save, using the EQ/not using it but still having this problem…!

Any ideas?