Sports car racing: accelerating with safety

Sports car racing: accelerating with safety

Whether sports are professional or just playing at the pace of racing, sports careers are almost anyone with a record.

However, since all races are competitive, you are always looking for ways to improve your time. Here are some tips you can pick up the next time you enter the asphalt.


– If you are a beginner, try not to start the accelerator on the starting line. You still can not control all this power.

– For advanced users, check your engines as high as possible through safe limits. When the signal is transmitted, disengage the clutch while leaving the engine.

Straight ant

– You must be close to your maximum straight speed, but be very careful when driving.

– Beginners must use both hands to place the steering wheel in positions “10” and “2”.

– Advanced riders must know how to drive, accelerate and slow down. The acceleration will take the car to the outer track and the deceleration drags it. Driving with a wheel is minimal and you should only direct the direction of traction.

Turn turns

– The runners approach in two ways: progressive and sharp.

The gradual turns are applied to the outside of the track to achieve a somewhat broad approach. Beginnersshould be used to such a turn.

Tensioned towards the inner railing, so that the car can circulate around the corner. It is designed for more advanced riders due to the need for a lot of maneuverability with the steering, the brake and the accelerator.

– Turn slowly and get out quickly. Release the accelerator when approaching the turn, let the car decrease at a speed that is easier to control. Update your momentum when you reach the top of the turn.

Career configuration

– Evaluate your performance every time. Pay attention to how you did it each time and determine how you can improve it. Do your lines improve your time? Did you accelerate or run? It will take your patience, but it will be rewarded in the long term.

– Finally, while it is a career, develop an approach to improve your technique instead of defeating other drivers. Focusing on the fact that you are faster than another man, it takes away your concentration on what you need to do correctly. Remember that you are driving at speeds of around 100 mph. Small mistakes can cause serious accidents.With these racing tips, you can safely enjoy and drive in sports cars.