Sport Clip gets uncomfortably warm when charging, wont hold charge

Have had the player since Xmas 2017.   Love it!   Finally have a player that can go for days at work between charges.

Last month I noticed that it took hours to get to ‘charged’ on the display, and that it was getting very hot to the touch.

Once charged, i unplugged it, and the next morning it was dead again.  So I suspected the battery was dying and perhaps ready to explode.

Ordered and installed new battery from eBay, but had the same results.

Discovered that the heat is not from the battery, but from a chip on the main board.  :cry:

Further examination… its the ATJ2127 chip… the processor/decoder/audio output…

The player is operational while its plugged into a USB, but the chip gets hotter than you want to touch.

Heat is the enemy of batteries.

The USB current is very strong and it tends to make batteries heat up (too much.)

“Strong current” means “high Ampreage” or “high miliAmpreage”

A fast charge system has 2.4A (Amps) or 2400 mA (miliAmps) - They’re good for an emergency but not for regular use.

For instance, the Apple “cube” charger is 1A (1000mA) Most phone chargers are between 1A and 1.8A.

Try to find a weaker charger, they all have their output spec’s printed on them.

Another thing, and this goes for phones too, while it is charging try to avoid doing things on the device. Talking on your phone is fine, but streaming video and other things like that will cause your battery to get hot. Just use good judgement and look up articles on maximizing battery life.