Split PST files with PST Splitter Tool

Split PST files using PST Splitter Tool to get the best performance out of your PST file. PST file works smoothly when the size of the PST file is smaller than the permitted limit by MS Outlook, which is 50 GB.

Therefore if the file size exceeds this limit, the PST file will start acting up. To keep the integrity of the PST file, users must split their files. The best solution is the PST Splitter Tool. It splits files in an organized manner, split files by folders, date, size, etc.

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To divide the large sized Outlook PST file with the help of our powerful third-party Cigati Outlook PST Splitter Tool.

Try Softaken Split Outlook PST Tool

You can split PST files easily with the PST Splitter Tool. Splitter tool is a third party software. You can find best PST splitter tool on Google.

I have experienced the similar situation once when my PST file was nearly 41GB and then I decided to split the PST file, or else in the future, I will lose my important data. There were two ways I came across during splitting, either manually or using a third-party tool.

I chose the manual method, in which I learned that Outlook does not provide any inbuilt utility or feature to split a large-size PST file into multiple parts. Nonetheless, users can reduce PST file size using its ‘Archive’ or ‘Import/Export’ option. These options do not split the PST file but move mailbox data from one PST file to the other.

I followed the below steps

  1. Reduce Size of PST file Using Archive Feature
  2. Use Import/Export Option to Manage Large Size PST File
  3. Reduce Outlook Mailbox Size Using Move To Folder Option

Although manual methods are effective and cost-saving, for doing this technical knowledge and experience is a necessity. I tried to do this for 2 days and still I was facing issues.

Ultimately I chose the third party tool Stellar Splitter for Outlook by looking through some good MVP’s review and feedback. It can help you to split PST based on Size, Date, Email ID, and Folders and It preserves the exact structure of the original PST files. Which will make your work easier. Since when I used this tool, I have no fear of large size PST file.