Hi looking to get a Fuze as very good reviews.But need a speaker system as need it for a party has anyone got any of these speakers to let me know if any good.Didnt want to get an IPOD! Thanks


Should work. Looks Good.

It claims it will work with the Fuze, but my only question revolves around your statement that you need it for a party. At only 1.5 watts per channel output, it will have to be an awfully small party, won’t it? My thoughts would be it would sound almost as good as playing a Japanese transistor radio over the phone. In other words, pretty bad. And the more you try to ‘crank it up’ to party mode, the worse it’s going to sound with all the distortion and overdriving those miniscule speakers.

It depends on what your needs are & this is just my opinion, but I would shop around a bit more first.

This post might be of interest to you as something to compare & consider.

Also this one

And this one for a tweekers speakers

Why not get a stereo y-adapter and plug it into a stereo? Heck, do you have a PC? I’m sure the PC speakers will play it better than those things.