Spare parts for Sansa; problem with it, in general


I have this problem, because my Sansa, hm, has always had some problems with it … Mostly due to the fact I bought it as some ‘refurbished thing’, but whatever. I tried fixing it on my own, and it turned out I am not that handyman - and broke a power button.

Now what was my problem before: the screen would be okay for a moment, but until some time would pass, it would get all ‘fuzzy’’ (like this snowing in olds TVs, if you recall). I found this (,,) but it didn’t work (only, as foresaid, I broke my power button).

What is my problem (in addition) now: power button doesn’t work (it’s just gone, a friend o’mine got it removed somehow; it doesn’t turn on (black screen), but is detectable when attached to a PC.

What I need: any help on how I can at least turn it on, use it (without the power button of course); the part which can be soldered, what is it called, this power button, so I can order it online (or some maybe magical way to ‘turn it on’; hardware way).




If it is of any importance, I got Rockbox, but I don’t think it would contribute to any damages, as I have tried to recover it many times (meaning, installing original firmware).

Give up on it. There are no spare parts. 

You can get a pretty cheap refurb from the Sansa Outlet store–get the 2GB and throw in a 32GB card and you’ll have plenty of  room for music.

You can get an even cheaper refurb at Amazon, which does give you some buyer protection. 

BTW, here’s a working link for that repair page.