space confusion

My Cruzer 2GB is giving me trouble. It says I only have 686 (or so) of space on it, but the thing is, I don’t have anywhere near that amount of stuff on it. The biggest folder on it is about 94 MB or so, the second biggest being 10 MB, the third having 0 MB. Seriously, I have about 100MB of stuff on here, so I’m not sure where all the space went. It makes it difficult to do much with it, ant least with moving big files, and I have nothing on it to delete that will actually free much space (the 94MB folder is something I didn’t even add). Does anyone know why?

Modify your Windows Explorer Folder Options settings to show Hidden files.  Let us know what you find.

Alright, did that. I found my trash folder which had about a gig of stuff in it. Have about 1.75 GB free now. Thanks, man.