Sound stops after about 4 songs

I received a Clip for Christmas.

On most albums (not all), the sound stops after about 4 songs. The player stays on, and the image of songs playing is still visible, but I cannot restore the sound.

I’d appreciate any assistance.

Interesting, if the playback counter is still progressing without sound.

Let’s try to isolate the issue.  First, let playback run on an album until sound stops.  Tap the center button, and see if the counter is progressing normally.  If so, tap play / pause to stop the counter.  Start playback again via another press of the play button.

Does the counter continue from the current point?  Is the sound back?  Tap the volume button a few presses up / down while the counter continues.  Do you see the volume bar on the display when the volume buttons are pressed?  Any sound at this point?

Important: make a note of the name of the song currently playing without sound.

Now, press the << button to restart the track.  As it replays from 0:00, any sound?

Similarly. Let’s skip forward one track to see if it changes.  Press >> once, and note the new track loaded.  As the counter progresses, do you hear sound?

The last test, let’s see if it’s a weird progression issue on playback.  Go to Music via the Home button, and then select Play All.  This will load a track- see if you have sound.  Now we are not limited to album playback.  Let it run a little while, and see if playback again goes quiet after a few tracks.  Once it’s quiet, if it silences again, make a note of the track.

Look at the noted tracks.  Are they from the same album or source?

On the Clip, go to Settings > Info and let us know the firmware version number.

Your first step if playback halts is to try installing the firmware again, as this is the most direct fix “in the field”.  You can install the firmware manually by following the firmware thread at the top page of the Clip forum.

The variable part of the equation is the music files being played back.  This is the reason for your notes.  Perhaps, there is an issue with the files themselves, and we want to rule out that possibility.  If the files begin playback in one of the above steps, as in pressing the << button to restart, or if pressing the >> button and going to the next track resumes sound, the scales tip more in favor of the player having an issue (which a firmware installation may cure).

As one last test, manually load the track that didn’t play earlier via Music > Artists > Albums > Songs > Live From The Moon (Or the one you noted earlier).  If this song plays normally when selected, it mustn’t be the track.

Print this thread as your guide, and make notes in the margin.

If your issue persists, it will be your guide when contacting support at 1-866-SANDISK for further assistance.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: