Sound-level meter software

My wife is an audiologist and we both own Fuzes (she just got hers as an anniversary gift from me). She has heard of software or an app of some sort that can be loaded onto an MP3 player (an iPod, I presume:manmad:) in order to make it act like a sound-level meter. Has anyone here heard of such a thing for the Fuze?

Nope . . . must be one of those doPi apps.

you may want to try rockbox’s VU meter

please note that rockbox is a 3rd party software… last time i heard, when you load this to the fuze, it can ruin the DRM stuff on the player…

As far as I know there is no software available for that program, if you have other program that you search you can try it but it may or may not work properly and this may also affect your player. :wink:

Rockbox is a third-party software that is used instead of the Sansa firmware. It’s a little geek-oriented, so only install it if you are comfortable playing around with computers. 

Rockbox also has a lot of things that can be added to it. I don’t know if that VU meter reflects incoming sound (the microphone) or just what’s being played back–hard to tell from the description. There are Rockbox versions for more sophisticated recording devices, so for all I know it’s both. But you need to install the version of Rockbox made for your Sansa.

In the meantime, don’t put in iPod applications. It’s a whole different piece of hardware, software and cosmic debris. 

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The rockbox VU meter only works for playback, because recording from the mic  or Fm doesn’t work yet on the fuze under rockbox… it does look cool durring playback tho

Even if there was such software, I don’t think the frequency response or sound pressure range of the microphone is adequate for anything other than a toy. Even in a high-end player. A better SPL meter only costs US$50-100.