Sound/Equalizer Problem

When I try to play a song I can hear the music but I can’t hear the lyrics being sung. I tried all the options for the sound settings and equalizer. I even tried using different earbuds. I’m not sure what else to do.

Are you sure the plug for your head/earphones is inserted all the way into the jack? We hear what you describe a lot from people with brand new players. The headphone jack is very tight on new units. Sometimes you have to twist the plug while you push it in to seat it completely.

If this isn’t it, and you have tried various headphones (seated firmly in the jack) with the same results, you may have a defective jack, in which case it would be replaceable under SanDisk’s warranty, provided of course it is within the arranty period (US - 1 year, EU - 2 years). Call SanDisk Tech Support for assistance.