Sorting Database/Files on e260 ver1

I installed Pimseur which is a pretty decent language learning proggie.

There are 3 major sections that come up under dB/Albums

All come up untagged under dB/Genure

Doesn’t display at all under files & playlist. In fact nothing ever displays under playlist and **bleep** little under files.

Here’s the problem:

The directories called lessons are OK the subdirs of that called units are random. They look fine in explorer and when they play the unit # is displayed proberly in the marquee but not at all in the menu.

Under dB/artist I get 3 Pinsleur listings: Pimsleur, Pimsleur/ Pinsleru Language Prigrams (marquee’d), Pimsleur/Pimsleur/Pimsleur…(marqueed) and Pinsleaur/name/name/name/name which I presume are the authors of speakers.

I’m not just being compulsuve here. I can’t remember the exact position that a unit is positioned in a list of like 30 to get to the next one in a critical line & it doesn’t seem like I should have to anyway.

Any help for me people?