Sort Order of Folders by Name

I posted this in the thread: Sansa Fuze+ Firmware 02.38.06

but it’s kind of lost/buried in that long thread - so I thought I’d post it in a separate thread.

A quick question - hopefully it’s something simple -

I uploaded a new (sub)folder into an existing folder on the microSDHC on my Sansa Fuze+ (with latest firmware 02.38.06A) -

and found the sort order of the sub-folders seem to be in the chronological upload order -

instead of the expected order by folder name.

Can I sort the (sub)folder order by name on my Sansa Fuze+, please?

This would enable playing by Folder to be in the folders order I intended,

and allow the subsequent uploads to be in the order intended (as opposed to be in the order of upload)

otherwise it seems that I may have to re-upload the entire parent folder -

so that it would play the sub-folders in the intended order -

as oppose having the ability to upload a (sub)folder anytime in addition to existing (sub)folders

and the names then would determine the playback order.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Try this: Connect in MSC mode, and delete all of the hidden *.dat files on the root directory of the device. It will then “forget” what has been uploaded, and rescan everything. This will take some time, but your folders “should” be in alphabetical order. Or, you could try installing Rockbox, an alternative third-party firmware. But, there firmware is still glitchy, so be prepared for things to not always work as expected.

Thank you very much - that did it -

deleting the *dat files (from both the Sansa internal memory and SD card) allowed it to re-index the files -

so you are right they are now in alphabetical order as I would expect and intended.

Thank you very much for your help - much appreciated.