Sort is not alphabetical for some artists

I noticed that some of my mp3s are not sorted alphabetically, I have not confirmed this for sure but they seem to be sorted based on when the file was created as opposed to alphabetically.  Not a huge deal but thought I would note this to see if there is a way to force the device to re-sort the mp3s alphabetically.  Any ideas are appreciated.

Anyone else notice this?


maybe if you have a space before the ID3 tag for the artist… example

“The Voodoo Dolls”

would be different from

" The Voodoo Dolls" (Notice the space infront of the name)

How do you change the ID3 tags?

With a tag editor (often freeware on the Internet) such as MP3Tagger or The Godfather, or Media Money.

LOL!  Or you can save yourself the trouble and rightclick each of the files then go to properties and then summary and change the tags there.

Yep, absolutely, that way as well, especially for only minor editing; for multiple files, the tag editors are great (or I have a program, MP3ext, which offers the best of both worlds).  Or through Windows Media Player itself.