sorry i still don't understand video

I have xvid or avi i’m not quite sure, sansa converter i know does not work and i would like to know exactly how to use mediacoder i have it i just don’t understand it. I want to convert my movies to fuze recognizable format and i do apoligize if i seem really stupid but i need like everything spelled out completely i do not understand how to write files to directory or however it is said. sorry if this post seems redundant, i reallly would just like some help in being able to watch my movies on my fuze

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Natalie, I never used MediaCoder, but video4fuze (developed by one of the community members) works like a charm and is embarrassingly easy to use and install. It converts all kinds of video formats to the one recognized by our beloved Fuze. Even youtube videos work. Grab it here:

It’s the second link. (I guess you are using Windows?)

Hope it works for you.

my computer keeps saying error

Can you provide the exact error message? Otherwise it’s very difficult to find a solution for your problem. :wink:

I was able to convert everything to video playable by my device…or so i thought… all 4 movies said they were fully done but only 30 seconds of each video was saved to my fuze card