Songs stuck on pause when shuffling

Express w/4GB SD card .

After updating to 01.01.12A, going directly into Shuffle mode causes the first song to pause indefinitely. That is, if I turn Shuffle on and hit Play All right after it starts up.

I can escape if I hit the menu button within, I don’t know, five seconds. But after that, it shuts down and I have to do a select-vol+ restart.

This does not happen when Shuffle is off.

I haven’t found a long-term solution, but here’s the workaround:

Right after starting up, hit Play All (Shuffle is still Off). While it’s playing, go back to the menu and change the Shuffle feature to On. Then hit Play All again. This time, it works. I don’t know why, but it works.


try holding the power button 15-20 seconds on turning it back on

Holding down the power button does not solve this problem.

Try to go to setting and choose reset all or reset factory setings to restore all functions in default. :wink: