Songs not transfering, is it because I formatted it yesterday?

OK, so I was playing around with this neat little player, and saw an option called “format”. So I clicked on it. Oops!, Everything is deleted! Oh well, I thought, I can just put the songs back on tomorrow. Thing is, I can’t! the songs that transferred last week won’t transfer today! Videos work, but any audio file will not. Sansa Media Converter will Say “Unable to convert file. please download codec first. if the file can’t play on your computer, it may be corrupt.” The file will play on the computer, so it’s not corrupt, so that means the codec is downloaded too. AHHHHHH! What do I do? This thing is about 2 1/2 weeks old.

You may have deleted system files the player needs to work.  I suggest that you load the latest firmware on the player. That may restore the necessary system files.

If you were trying to transfer protected files, the player needs to be in MTP mode to do that. Sansa media converter is for video files, not audio files. Are you confused or am I confused?