Songs from CDRs not downloadable?

I am a MAc user new to the Sansa Clip Zip, as I just switched frim iPod. With the ipod, I simply plugged it into the computer and synced my music library. The sources for my music vary: some songs are from the itunes store (very few), most are from CDs I have purchased and then imported into itunes, and some are from CDRs I have imported into itunes (the CDRs are copies of friends’ purchased CDs). Like I said, with the iPod all was imported into the player without problem. However, as far as I can tell the CZ doesn’t accept music that was imported into itunes from a CDR. Everytime I drag and drop tunes from such source and then eject the CZ it goes into “refreshing your media” mode and then freezes half way through. Does anybody know why this happens, and if there is a work around?

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A few thoughts: (1) Are the problem files in a format the Clip recognizes? (2) If you are tranferring using a Mac OS, the Mac can add admin. “ghost”’ files to the Clip (and any non-Apple device) that can choke the device; a way around this is to use specially-developed transfer software–such as Hidden Cleaner and KopyMac, both Internet freeware–to transfer files from the Mac.

Thanks for the reply. I’m pretty technilliterate, but it doesn’t seem to be an apple related issue as it only applies to songs that were imported into itunes from a cdr. BUT: it is true that at least one album that I copied to CDR and them imported into itunes from the CDR does work. I am now wondering if it may be that I made that copy on a windows machine, and that the ones that don’t work were copied onto a CDR on a MAC and then imported into itunes. Perhaps this could be the issue? This is all rather frustrating, as I was looking forward to using a non iPod product, but it seems to be somewhat of a hassle…

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The Clip works just fine as a general matter, once you have it down–like so much technology . . . .  (Although, in my experience, Apple can make it more difficult, in not buying another Apple product.)

A quick question:  what is the file format (the 3 letters after the period in the file’s name; e.g. for the song/file paparazzi.mp3 the file format would be mp3) for the files that are problematic?  And by any chance, are they “protected,” that is, covered by digital rights management (for example, all itunes songs were DRM-protected up to a few years ago, when Apple dropped that). 

No DRM issue as far as I know. Like I said, the source of the music that was imported into itunes was CDR that was copied from purchased CDs. All the songs imported into the CZ are aac. Now, as I mentioned previously, one album that was imported into itunes from a CDR that did import into the CZ successfully was ripped on a PC. It may be that the ones thatseem to be causing the issue were ripped on a Mac. Do you think this would make a difference? Just trying to narrow down the possibilities as to why some (well one, so far) works and the others do not. Thanks again.

Good deductions.  It indeed may be the case that the Mac settings are leading to an incompatibility–you may want to check the settings out, and compare them, if possible, to the PC-ripped tunes.

OK, thanks. But, I have to ask: how do I do that? Is that somethihng I do within itunes? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You might benefit from this site.

Interestingly I just checked it out as I saw it mentioned in another thread started by someone who seems to be having the same problem (BTW, I just realised that I placed my question in the wrong - -i.e., clip/clip+ -  section - oops). As someone pointed out there, it seems that Kpoy Mac is no longer available. Does Hidden Cleaner do much the same thing? Thanks again.

And while I have such a knowledgeable person’s attention, may I ask: will any usb ac wall charger and car charger work with the CZ? Is there one that is recommended? Thanks.

Yes as to Hidden Cleaner.

And yes as to standard AC and DV (car) adapters–just make sure they are 5V. (more will burn the player out) and 350 mA (even better 500 mA) or more (the Clip will just use what it needs).