Songs can still be played on device but no longer appear in USB drive mode

The main change is that I got a new processor and motherboard and am running on a new Windows install since the last time I wanted to change music on the device.  I’m fairly certain I had WMP10 on the old Windows install, and installing it just now didn’t make any change.  The device was likely set to Auto Detect for USB mode when files were added.  Currently, in MTP mode, the device is not browsable as a drive.  In both MTP and MSC modes, the files do not appear to any Windows software I’ve used, but are all available for play on the device.  (It is still showing the correct free space.)  Is there a combination of settings I am missing?  Or am I stuck formatting the device?  (I have all the files to put back on the device, but I would rather avoid the inconvenience.)

You might need to reset your new Windows installation to “Show Hidden Folders & Files”.

You might need to reset your new Windows installation to “Show Hidden Files and Folders”.

That’s a “first five minutes on the first boot” sort of change for me, I hate Windows defaults for everything.  (I also make everything look like 98 as much as possible.)  Anything else it could be?

I suppose it’s worth mentioning, XP SP3.

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Format the player.

Before you do that, go to Device Manager and see if there’s a yellow triangle to uninstall. Then reboot, reconnect.