songs breaks up on high volume

I just got my new sansa clip 1GB.
I put some songs in it which were in mp3 format.
I used RealPlayer to upload songs.
Now when i play songs it breaks up for a second and continues…
it gives many 1 second jerks in the song.

I noted if I increase volume then these 1 sec jerks increase.
and if i lower the volume considerably then the song plays continuously.
Also it varies with the songs…i.e. in some songs even at much lower volume there are some 1 sec jerks while for other other songs it happens only at very high volume.

Can any one guide me about how to solve this problem.


Is your battery fully charged and do you have the latest firmware? See the sticky thread to get the FW and how to install it

If the battery is near bottom, high volume settings could be causing the voltage to drop out momentarily

If you have a +5V USB phone charger, connect it, this will allow listening while charging and help troubleshoot this

Thanks Click!

I just downloaded the Sandisk Firmware Updater and updated the player using the software.
Now its working perfectly.


Sweet. You are welcome!

BTW there’s a new firmware coming out soon which will fix some more things, watch out for this issue

Enjoy the Clip, man.