songbird and the fuze...

So i surfed across a software program called songbird, it looks a lot like itunes, which I like (don’t hate me) and I really want songbird to work with the fuze but it doesn’t seem to recognize it properly.  It recognizes that the fuze is attached but never finds the music on the fuze and I can’t use it to manage my music.  Has anyone had any luck with songbird?

THere’s some talk on the songbird forum (accessable from inside the player, but here’s the browser link:\_up\_with\_songbird\_addon\_usb\_mass\_storage\_device

Short story, it requires an add-on that used to work but doesn’t yet with the latest release of songbird. 

That add-on is for USB mass-storage (Fuze’s MSC mode). Songbird should already support the Fuze with MTP (or Auto, on Windows).