Song Searching on Fuze 8 GB

Since I am actually converting my song files from Apple’s I Tunes format to MP3’s via a program called Switch Sound File Converter, what I end up with is just the individual MP3’s ( no album, artist genre or anything else).

Consequently, I end up with just a straight alphabetic listing of some 1500 songs that I have to scroll and scroll thru to find a given song. At this rate, I’m afraid I’m going to wear out the bearings in the Fuze’s scroll wheel finding songs!

Surely there’s a simpler way to find a particular song than having to spin and spin and spin to get there. Does anybody have a easier way of doing this?

Unfortunately, other than making playlists, there isn’t a good way to move through song/album lists at this point. I just set the player on shuffle and let it go. I’ve suggested here the idea of searching by alphabet , but there wasn’t a repsonse so who knows if they will do it or not. I hope the successor to the Fuze ditches the wheel personally. Not a big fan of moving parts anyway.