Song Info?

When I got my connect, there was a song in it called SAMPE and something else. WHAT A TUNE! I picked it out and put it in my Classic Rock folder. I can’t decide if it’s classic rock or country rock. It sound’s to be made up of a Hammond or Hammond clone, bass, drums electric 6-string and electric 12-banger. I used for a title “Manuel”

Anyone got the scooperooni on this gem? Real name, band etc.

Wasn’t the song tagged with an artist and album name?  Or were they “unknown” ?  :wink:


Did you open the song file with something like MediaMonkey?  Are those tags completely blank?

Maybe you could put a 30 second sample of the file on a website somewhere so we could listen to it.  ;-)  There’s a program called “Audacity” that’s great for editing MP3s.

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Here it is

The Song

SpacePatroller wrote:

Here it is


The Song



No sound sample that I could hear … just a bunch of pictures of Sansas.

Sorry I didn’t mention it. It’s an embedded mp3 of the whole thing. I wouldn’t know how to do a sound sample if it walked up and bit me

If by “embedded” you mean embedded into the page pointed to by your link, I couldn’t hear the whole thing, either.

I do not know what to say or do. I just used an embed statement that pointed to an mp3 on the same site. I guess it is a question of what browser you are using and how it is configured. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to come up. It should work in IE or ForeFox

I looked at the page source and saw that it embeds SAMPLE01.MP3, but wasn’t able to load it directly via … 'tis a bummer …

I can hear it play today (it didn’t play the first day I tried), but I don’t recognize the song.  We can’t download it to check out the tags to see if they give an album, song, or artist name.  Since we can’t get at it, can you do that using something like MediaMonkey?  Or a lightweight tagging program like the free mp3tag?  Just navigate to the directory in mp3tag and select that file, and the tags will show.

I forget whether the tags were empty or had “Unknown” across the board except for the title which was SAMPLE01. There was no real info in them

Your song loaded up fine.  (Firefox with QuickTime embeded)

PromisedPlanet must be using IE, or no embeded application, or something goofy…

Don’t know the song at all, but I’ve added it to my muslc library entitled ‘Unknown Artist - Sansa Sampler 01.mp3’ for the lack of a better description.