sometimes no sound

I use aux in in the car, sometimes play no voice, but I am sure that song is good, the SD card in the computer on the same song didn’t happen this problem

If I use headphones also didn’t this problem

AUX should work exactly like headphones. Is the volume up?

If there is no voice the AUX cord may not be plugged in all the way. This is complicated, but if the AUX  cord isn’t in right then you will get the DIFFERENCE between the right and left channels. Usually vocals are in the middle–both channels—so vocals will disappear if you are not fully plugged in. If it’s in a case, take it out. Push in, twist.

Not AUX  cord’s problem,because switch to next song is OK.

I have just confirmed one thing

Not have no voice, was became very low

I thought is system problem, so I reboot, after system before turning on and off and play my schedule, the volume is normal again, but I only want to add and subtract the volume, the sound become very low again, this situation seems to be only in the SD card should be so, but I also in the cross test

15:56 P.M.

Cross test over…i test 2 card conditions are the same,the SD card is ok