Something that will let me control my fuze by remote?

A dock or some type of thing that where i can have it sitting somewhere i can can control it with a remote…

clock radio

official sandisk dock

Altec Lansing speakers

That’s all I know of that has a Sansa specific connector and a remote, hope one of those is what you’re looking for!


You may run into the device size difference problem. Fuze, probably would not fit in.

I work in Best Buy, and it fits and plays fine on the Altec Lansing speakers.  The clock radio just has the connector with no physical dock, so it would fit fine.  The SanDisk dock uses a plastic adapter to hold the player that won’t fit the Fuze, but you can just take that off, and you’re left with just the connector, which will hold the player in place, just gotta be careful not to break it off.  SanDisk may make a plastic piece in the future, or you could make one yourself outta wood or foam, if you’re worried about breaking it.  But it will physically fit on all of those.