Someone have experience with the Infuse Pro application?


Is there someone have experience with the use of the Infuse pro application? I am tryng to work whit this application (that is suggested by Sandisk to view videos) but can not establish a connection with the WMD.

In infuse, I am tryng to add a device and they ask questions like :

NAME:  here I will indicate an identification name like "My SanDisk Media "
PROTOCOL: Asking SandDisk, they told me it is WebDAV
ADRESS: I think it is something like MY-IPAD.LOCAL
LOCATION: the suggestion is /Webdav but don’t really know what I have to specify
PORT: the suggestion is 80. I think I don’t have to change this
USER: I think it is owner but not sure
PASSWORD: here, do I have to use the admin password or the WPA password that I have set up

Many thanks for help