Some thought needed Sandisk

I use a fair few Sandisk products for cameras and flash drives and have done for years, yet there is one area Sandisk now fails miserably in - Size in gb on a flash drive! - All my compact flash cards carry a large size rating thats easily and clearly readable, my SD camera cards are the same (I use Extreme and Ultra series cards on both)

And yet my Sandisk Flash Drives? Tiny, unreadable and in a poor choice of colours (yes, I am Englsih, that is how the word “colour” is really spelt, after all, you use English, no language called American) Take a look at your product range:

I have three Cruzer Blade drives, a 32gb, 16gb and 8gb, a tiny piece of red plastic, with Silver coloured writing that bears a product line name and size as the largest type, and a load of tiny writing thats of no use I think. The use of silver is a bad choice really as it often fails to print as cleanly as other colours, gold and other mettalics share this issue. You could though have put a very large size on the end, clearly visable at 90 degrees to the rest of the type.

Now, that was poor really, but the Cruzer Force 64gb that just popped through my door is unreal. I never expected a chrome metal even smaller object than the Blade series (the photo i looked at on purchse never hinted at that size or finish). A nice big Sandisk etched on one side, no other type, the other, etched also in tiny writing, all the junk and your name and size the largest of it, but again, so hard to read. You could have etched the sze again in very large type on the front side, perhaps at 90 degrees to your name too.

Mostly people need to read the size gb rating of the flash drive readily , I have to say even “Sandisk” as a name is of little import to use.

My eyesight is fair, I do use the weakest prescription glasses now you can get to balance them up as I have got older, but nowhere near being a “Senior Citizen” yet, I spent 30 years in the Print trade so take care of them as I am able and Photography is a major hobby I spend copious amounts of time engaged in, not a happy snapper, more serious.

Lend some thought to the id of these products please, many of your purchasers are going to have less than perfect vision regardless of their age, you shouldn’t have to plug them in to see the rating, or strain to see them, the ones i mentioned the easiest way i found was to use a linen tester to see the info, just look at a product by a glance.