Some suggestions

Hi, as a new (and still happy) owner of a Sansa Clip, a have a couple of minor suggestions for future development:

* The spanish menus have some translation mistakes. I’d be very happy to contribute by helping to fix them. Who should I contact for that?

* In the FM mode, I wish there was a way of jumping quickly between presets. Perhaps an option to set the << and >> buttons between a ‘tuning mode’ and a ‘preset mode’.

* This is the least important, but here it goes: I would like to be able to know the total song lenght (I mean in numbers, not in a progress bar). I have some suggestions:

   - During playback, there might be some room in the first line or in the last one to the left of the progress bar.

   - There could be an option to display either elapsed time-remaining time-total time-total playlist time-elapsed playlist time… etc.

   - There could be a menu option for displaying all the song information. Of course, this is not limited to the total playing time thing, because it may be nice to review some song info.



regarding spanish menu mistakes, can you post the mistakes?

FM mode, skipping between presets, use the middle button. it will skip to the next preset freq.

remaining duration - sadly there probably won’t be an update for this feature on the Clip. It exists for other players, but clip did not do it for some reason.

Thanks for the FM presets tip; did I skip it on the manual? (It’s unlikely due its size).

The spanish mistakes:

  • Auto Power –> “Auto Encendido”.  “Encendido” means power ON. The word for power OFF is ‘Apagado’. So the correct translation would be “Auto Apagado” or “Apagado automático”.

  • Shuffle–> “Mezclar”. “Mezclar” is usually understood as to mix, so it doesn´t make much sense. A better word would be ‘Aleatorio’ (random). There might not be enough room for the word but it can be abbreviated as ‘Aleat.’. Alternatively, instead of “Activar” and “Desactivar” (for on and off), “Si” and “No” can be used both for shuffle and repeat.

  • GoList–> “Lista de Reproducción”. This is a generic term, that means Playlist. Any playlist. So when I see the menu option “Agregar a Lista de Reproducción” (add to GoList) I think it means “Add to Playlist”, as if I could add the song to any playlist I have in the Clip. I suggest to leave GoList untranslated as it is almost a proper name.

  • Music EQ–> “Ecualizar de Música”. “Ecualizar” is a verb (to equalize) and is used without “de” (of). The noun form is “Ecualizador” and then you use “de”. So the proper translation would be either “Ecualizar Música” OR “Ecualizador de música”. Alternatively, if you just put “Ecualizador” everybody will understand.

I know there was something else but I could not find it. I hope this will be helpful for future firmware releases and also for other players!


hi, thanks for noticing the discrepancies. 

Golist is a bit tricky,  Because there is no direct translation to any language.  However, I think the use of “Playlist” is correct, since it is the only playlist that can be editted on the device. every other playlist must be transfered.

Should consider starting a thread for language corrections, so that all users can post the discrepancies in one thread. I would assume there are other languages with that need corrections.