Some songs I downloaded does not work

When I played a song, it shows the title and the volume, but it doesn’t play, like the player is frozen. When I go to another song,  it plays the song that didn’t work. This will keep happening every time I choose to play another song. It also caused some of my old songs to not work as well.   Help Please and thank you!

Here’s one possibility:

Look into the folder of the albums that are giving you trouble. Is there a separate folder in there called MACOSX?

Delete that. If you look inside it you will see files named like your songs but only 0kb in size. Those are tiny files that the Mac uses to find the music files–but because they are named as mp3s, the Fuze tries to play them.

It may also be that MTABLE.SYS, the database file that holds the index of your music, somehow got messed up. You can delete it and the Fuze will rebuild it from scratch. Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC. Connect the Fuze, search it for MTABLE.SYS and delete it. When you unplug, it will take a longer time to Refresh than usual, while it builds new database. That might help.

Otherwise, what kind of files are the songs that don’t play?  You may have to go into your Windows settings to have it show what kind of files they are. Search your help files for “Hide Extensions” and it will show you where the setting is to un-Hide them.

.mp3, .flac, .wma and .ogg files should play without a problem. Other types can be dealt with, but first let’s find out what they are.