Some songs don't repeat?

Hello, and I wonder if anyone else has experienced this:

On one of my slotRadio cards, on one playlist, the first few songs never play again. They played when I played the list for the first time but no matter how many times I go through the list I never hear them again. The rest of the list repeats but not these.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this normal? is my card or my player damaged in some way?

Thanks in advance.

This is the basic definition of random.  If each song was played an equal number of times before a playlist reset, it would no longer be truly random.  Try pulling 5 cards from a 52-card deck, shuffle each time after, and following 100 cycles, I’m sure some cards will never have been displayed whereas others may have come up 2-3 times.

While doing my list of 893 songs (80’s-90’s) in my prior post, some have never come back on a 2nd time while others a few times (notwithstanding those tracks on multiple playlists).

Since then, I have added 8 more songs and still looking for the other 99 to list after ~20 hours of listening.

I figure it will take another month to reach the full 1,000 while listening 3-4 hours per day.

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Thanks for the reply.

I’m still wondering, though, if something is wrong. On this particular card the songs aren’t totally “random” (maybe this is unique to this card) but play in sequence. When it’s time to repeat, on one playlist the sequence repeats again without the first song set. I am aware that the sequence includes some songs more than once.

Thanks again.

Dear RoadieRob and MMR_7917 -

Thank you for your questions. Let’s hope our response below makes that snowy weekend somewhat more interesting.

We thought we’d share with you a bit more of the “special sauce” behind slotRadio to alleviate any concerns you may have regarding the number of tracks or the perceived-random nature of the slotRadio experience.

Essentially each slotRadio card has a pool of either 500+ or 1000+ songs (depending on the packaging designation, except for the Sony Classical card which is measured in hours - 60+ hours of music) that are used to make multiple sub-genre channels (or playlists as they are called on the packaging) per card. Every track is used. Similar to radio programming, some songs are programmed in the rotation more often than others. For example, in the 80s, The Go Gos might get more airplay than, say, Frida. With slotRadio we’ve created an experience akin to premium, commercial free radio. Each channel on the slotRadio card is actually made of several meticulously curated playlists. Each such playlist is several hours long. Since the transition from one playlist to the next is seamless, it is practically impossible to know which playlist one is listening to in any given channel. Also, some tracks may appear twice in one playlist and only once, or not at all, in another. So, in short, just hearing a song twice does not mean you are listening to a new playlist. This is all by design, intended to create a premium, virtually-infinite listening experience.

As a side note - the playlists are anything but random. Each playlist was meticulously curated by music experts specializing in the particular genres, and we take pride in the resulting experience. Keep on listening, those songs you’re missing should eventually resurface - remember - each playlist is several hours long…

Sorry for the long response. Have a great rest of the weekend,

The SanDisk slotRadio team

Are the Slotradio cards being replaced by Slotradio+ cards, or will both continue to be made? Is the Slotradio Player being discontinued? Imo the Slotradio Player should be discontinued, and replaced with Clip+ and Fuze Slotradio+ bundles. I hope the Slotradio To Go Player will be discontinued and replaced with a version with a display(and better battery life and sound quality- matching the 19 hour battery life of the m200 series, and having the sound quality of the V2 m200 series, about equal to the Clip+ sound quality?)