Some music will not play

I am transfering music in msc mode all the same format and bitrate but some tracks will not play for example I play an album but half of the tracks get skipped as of length 0. I have tested them in audacious and they work, and by tested them I mean have played them from the mounted fuze. Any suggestions?

If they are protected, then the licenses won’t transfer in msc mode, and the player won’t play them. Another possibility is that the songs are in AAC or some other format that Sandisk players don’t support. If songs are too deeply nested, the player might not see them. Do you have thousands of songs on the player? There is a limit to how many songs the player will recognize. When you go to music> songs are the songs all listed? Give us some specifics about the songs.

All my songs are ogg, most play. I only have around 1K most do not have correct tagging so I use the folder view instead. As I said it is very random for example I can play tracks 1 3 4 7 of a album but not 2 5 6 8 so I doubt nesting is the problem

I have never used OGG. Others have had problems with OGG on Sandisk players. Try properly tagging the songs that don’t play and see if this makes a difference. Are the filenames or title  tags very long? Try searching the Fuze forum for OGG and see what you get.

People have had problems with certain OGG encoders, but it’s just plain odd that different tracks from the same album–presumably all converted by the same encoder–would behave differently.