some mp3 wont transfer to e260 but same as others that do work

Greetings All

Some good help from everyone… Wondering if anyone has had trouble with some mp3 files that wont transfer. Im using win explorer… just drag and drop. Songs play fine using media player but get error messages saying “file does not exists or is in use by another program”… but its not being used. I am pretty good with computers but can figure this one out…This is about 1/3 of my collection that wont copy.

Any ideas?



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Can you copy your mp3’s to a different location of the computer? whithout getting the error message?

sorry for the delay… thanks

yes… they have been transfered between computers… jump drives… many times…


Make sure all your programs are not runing… Also try with stardard USB drives, if they work fine, then reload the Sansa frimware… Hope this helps :slight_smile: