some little fuze's spec to help rockbox developers?

If Sandisk would open some fuze’s spec to rockbox developers, i think Fuze will become the best sell portable player of all time…

  1. It’s not going to happen. Sandisk sharing the specs, that is.

  2. The demand for Rockbox is grossly overestimated in some circles, I think. Even if/when Rockbox DOES come to the Fuze, it will mainly be people like us (those who hang out on internet forums discussing the players) who install it, not the typical “take it out of the box and never even think about updating the firmware” consumer.

yes, it’s almost true. But many people who never touch the player, if something is “officially” supported, and is more talked about than the underground, can be curious.

Today’s times, every guy on every store,  when people ask information about players, talk about “updating firmware” “new firmware features”.

Many people “enthusiast” can become seriously interested than now.

The only precedent I see is on the refurb market, where e200V1’s (rockbox compatible) seem to get snapped up quickly while the V2’s (or dealers who don’t say) take a lot longer.

It’s difficult to judge the potential popularity of Rockbox because last I knew there were no supported models in current production.  By the time RB is all developed and tested, the mfr has moved on.