Some album art displays on internal memory but not on external card

I have tried all the recommendations about art file size, DPI, baseline, and placing art renamed to folder.jpg into the album folder. However, some album art stubbornly refuses to display if the album is on an external chip, but will display fine if the album is on the internal memory. I have copied and deleted the affected files back and forth from internal to external several times and the result is always the same. 

Any ideas?

All of the music was ripped to 320k MP3s from CDs with the latest version of iTunes. I downloaded separate art, edited it to an acceptable copy in PhotoShop, and added it to the files. None of the music uses art downloaded from iTunes. All the art displays in Windows Media Player, my home music server software, and iTunes. The external chip is a SanDisk Ultra 32 GB class 10.

I don’t know that this is the cause, and hopefully others will have other suggestions, but the Clips can be temperamental with microSD cards over Class 4 speed.   :frowning:

Thanks. That may well be it because the art isn’t the only thing going on. Some files go completely bonkers… also losing names and artist information when on the card but are just fine when on the internal memory. It’ll be worth a try to get a Class 4 and see what happens. 

Same problem with a Class 4. But I figured it out. 

It’s because iTunes writes to ID3 2.2 instead of ID3 2.3. I managed the problem tracks right inside iTunes by right clicking the track or tracks, choosing CONVERT ID3 TAGS, selecting 2.3 from the drop down menu, and clicking OK to save. Presto. The art displays correctly. There’s no need for a separate tag editor application.

I was baffled because most art displays fine and they are all written by default with ID3 2.2 tags.

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Cool–thanks for posting your sleuthing results!

“There’s no need for a separate tag editor application.”

Most of us here say there is no need for iTunes. We like using MP3Tag.

I was referring to a specific case and not discounting MP3tag, which I have used in the past. After ripping tunes for years, I have decided iTunes does everything I need at this point. I have a number of different players, including a few iPods, and I have the files on a server attached to my home entertainment network. I like it when everything works regardless of player and OS.

Many of us have no ipods, and buy all our music on CDs.