Solutions to Apparent Mac-Related Bugs - Thread 2

OK, so this device clearly isn’t really compatible with Macs, since everything I copy over from my Mac podcast files refuses to play.  And it’s not very compatible with Windows, since when I try to drag and drop files (or even copy and paste) from my Vista music folder, I consistently get an error message saying the device has either been disconnected or is not responding.  Note these are all mp3 files.

Did I get a lemon?  Or do they all do this? 

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So far, formatting the device seems to have worked; I can now at least drag and drop files from the Music/iTunes folders.

A number of people reported needing to format their new Clip+. I think some of the sample songs may be corrupted. I hope you formatted the player using the player’s menu, as the player will function best that way. If not, you could format it again using the player’s menu.

I did use the device’s internal formatting feature; thanks!  That seems to have been an effective fix.

The incompatibility between the Mac OSX and this device is unfortunate, since I have relied on the Mac to do things like sync my music to a listening device.  But at least now I can transfer files to it from Vista. 

Please see your other thread here as to Mac compatibility issues and solutions. 

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Please see your other thread here as to Mac compatibility issues and solutions.