Solution for dead Overdrive Desktop app

Ever since my library began using Overdrive, I’ve been downloading audiobooks to a string of Sandisk players. Yesterday my Overdrive Desktop for Windows app hit a dead end. Overdrive has been threatening to end support for the overdrive app in favor of Libby, which does not support file transfers. I was horrified. The good news is that I was using an outdated version installed last year from a version I found in backup files from a couple of computers ago. The updated one is no longer openly available. An outraged query to Overdrive Support solved the problem. This morning I received a link to the latest, 2016, version. It works! You can download it at Libby. I suggest you download it now and store it somewhere safe in case your computer crashes or someone else needs it. Peace!

I encountered a challenge with my Overdrive desktop app, and this forum provided a valuable solution. It’s reassuring to see a community of users sharing their expertise. The troubleshooting tips here helped me revive my app, ensuring I can continue to enjoy my digital library hassle-free.

I’m so happy we helped Yvonne. Forums are often the most effective place to turn for help.